Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Back On Track

I bet you all thought I wasn't coming back, huh?

It's been a busy Fall. Sorry I haven't updated; starting last July, I had to get a series of shots in my feet, and immediately after I finished those in November, I had to get my gallbladder removed. All the doctor visits put me in no mood to update my blog, but I did get a lot of projects done while I was sitting around! So starting today, I'll be posting what I've been working on.

I never did get to finish that Victorian Tablerunner I started, but it did give me an idea for a quilt. I designed this one myself. So far I have all the blocks sewn and trimmed, now I just have to assemble to quilt top. I had planned for the quilt to be bigger, but I ran out of the light blue fabric...and then the store ran out too. But I still intend to make a border, of course, so this isn't the final size.

Here are the two different blocks I'm using (prior to trimming):

And here's a detail of the second block:

I also did a lot of cross-stitching while I was couch-bound. Stay tuned!