Monday, March 9, 2015

Han Solo Vest

One of my husband's co-workers is going on to a new career, so we had a going away party for him... a Star Wars themed going away party.

I decided to go as Han Solo.  Just because.  I assembled as much as I could.  Got some pants and a shirt from a thrift store (and ribbon, to glue on the sides of the pant legs) (by the way, it was hard to find a shirt with the right kind of collar.  What I got was a button-down and a bit too small, but it would do).  Bought a blaster and spray-painted it black.  Got a holster.  The only thing I absolutely could not find was a suitable vest.

So I had to make one.  It's significant that I point out here that I've never sewn any clothing in my life.  But, I got some assistance from my mother-in-law, and the vest turned out pretty great.  I actually really love it.

I used an old t-shirt to draw a pattern on, cut it out, and traced the parts in paper.  My mistake was using a somewhat form-fitting shirt to do this with, and the first time the vest was way too small.  So I added an extra inch or two to the side seams, and a good two inches on either side of the vest opening, and yay! I had a vest that fit.  (Sorry the vest is black on black.  Hard to see the details.)

The only detail I didn't put on from Han Solo's vest was a bit on the upper back.  It would've taken more time, and I was kind of burned out by that point--all the adding on and adding on to make the vest fit right.  So I just did the pockets and left it at that.

There's me in my costume (minus the holster).  Not bad for my first vest.  Not really a great picture, but not a bad vest. (In my defense, I just had a baby three months ago.  I'll lose the weight eventually.  Probably.  Maybe.)

Next week I'll show you pictures from the party.  I wasn't the hostess (my sister-in-law was), but it was pretty awesome and I wanted to share.

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