Sunday, March 22, 2015

Star Wars Party

Now, this wasn't my party.  I just attended it.  My sister-in-law threw this going-away party for a co-worker.  But she worked her butt off, and it turned out so great I wanted to share the details.

First, here's my sister-in-law.  Great costume, right?  I think she bought some parts for it, and then made the rest.  Not sure which parts though.

Here's a jedi making drinks.

My wookie husband and his brother.  His brother made a lot of his costume out of pvc pipe using a heat gun.

She went all-out with the details, they were great.  A lot of them were store-bought (which is fine, but I just love hand-made things.  There are a couple of clever things that she did that I'll show you).

She had these wanted posters printed out and posted on the inside of the door.  She burned the edges to give it a nice effect.

This was a cool idea.  Two whole walls of her living room are windows, so she covered them with "outer space".... I'm not sure what they were.  Maybe plastic table cloths?  Some kind of vinyl.  It blocked out most of the light, but it shined through where the stars were, looked very cool.  it was hard to get a good picture of it.

This was one of my favorite details.  Not sure if you can see these too well in this picture, but she took star wars pictures and replaced her family pictures with them! Funny and clever, right?  I just loved that.  Going to use that idea for my next party.

Last picture, just for fun:

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